Brigitte Scheffer

One's destination is never a place but a new way of seeing things
Henry Miller
I have worked for many broadcasters, including:
BBC, Netflix, Bloomberg, Deutsche Welle, Radio Television Espanola, Agence France Presse, CNN, CBS, ABC, CNBC, UPI, The Economist, The Sunday Times

Premio Rey de Espana, Intl Emmy, Grierson Awards, Best Documentary Series; BAFTA Production Team - Best Factual Series, BAFTA Craft Best Director, Royal Television Society Best Documentary Series, RTS Craft : Best Factual Director, RTS Craft : Best Factual Editors, Broadcast Award: Best Documentary Series, Peabody Documentary Award (PBS Version), Broadcasting Press Guild: Award For Innovation, Liberty Human Rights Award: Best Documentary, Prix Italia Best Documentary Series, Prix Italia: Special Prize Of The President Of The Italian Republic
Douglas M. Armour
Senior Advisor Governance Strengthening and Strategic Communications (MA, MBA, BA)

I worked alongside Brigitte in Tripoli, Libya just before the current upheaval. It was a challenging and, in retrospect, pivotal time. Using her discerning intelligence, her organizational skills, her insights into North African politics, and her enviable language skills Brigitte skillfully navigated her way through this fluid political environment. I would very eagerly work with her again.
Maher Chmaytelli
North Africa and Gulf Bureau Chief At Bloomberg

Brigitte is a thorough news gatherer and efficient communicator. She is comfortable handling complex and dangerous situations and stories at the crossroad between geopolitics, defense, energy and environment. I also appreciated her team spirit and her all-hands-on-deck attitude.
Joe Laffy
This was such an awesome story, and an example of excellent investigative journalism that is harder and harder to come by these days. congrats to you Brigitte!!! very complicated story that reveals interesting government ties.
Kate Dourian
Senior Editor at Middle East Economic Survey (MEES)

Brigitte is a fearless and dedicated news professional. Her multiple languages are a great asset and I found her to be a gracious and generous competitor. Her social skills have allowed her to build a network of contacts around the world. She has an ability to stay calm under pressure and quickly grasp the most complex stories. Her experiences as a foreign correspondent have prepared her for any tasks ahead.
Diana Martin
Head of Development, BBC Current Affairs

Well done all – I think you’ve done a great job. IN the circumstances I appreciate it was hard to make a film at all – but you’ve made one which is very watchable. Great characters who you’ve edited carefully and sensitively and a lovely script. The analysis is clear and full of insight and I think you’ve really captured the mood of Tobruk at the moment and the chaos of the country.
Women in Journalism
Amazing documentary on one of the biggest bank frauds in history. Great reporting by @schefferbri